solidROCKtv, a production company headquartered in Washington with offices in Hamburg and Berlin, has extensive experience in all areas of production. Whether you are new to the industry or dissatisfied with your current production company, solidROCKtv offers customized content and concepts tailored precisely to your requirements.


What we do not believe in

Self-representations... They always pull out the really big phrases. But if we're honest, you always read the same words and in very few cases are these phrases really helpful in giving a tangible and honest first impression. Nevertheless, there are many things we believe in.

But more importantly, there are many things we don't believe in. And that is exactly what sets us apart. To summarize briefly and painlessly, we do not believe in:


The media world is teeming with important-sounding technical terms and ever new buzzwords. We like to avoid them. Because we're not filming the next Star Wars movie, we're simply making good, customer-oriented and targeted productions.

And we really don't need to make it any bigger than it actually is.

Cumbersome structures

Of course we are a permanent team. And we need that too, because it makes us faster and more efficient. But that's where the structure ends for us. Because our ears are always open and we are happy to hear any ideas.

Clear hierarchies and narrow boundaries only prevent us from working efficiently across disciplines. And the end result is only at its best when everyone can contribute their different talents.

Ultimately, we can only develop through the different skills and interests of our team.

Does that sound good?

To be honest, we think so. Would you like to be a part of it?



27 Pespectives

Politics in focus

Aktion Mensch



The Asian quake

2022 arte / ZDFinfo 52 min Cut Archive material restoration with AI

The renewables revolution - Part 1: Global solutions for the energy transition

2023 ARD / mdr 52 min Camera (pro rata) Editing (pro rata)

Energy security with biogas? - When waste becomes energy

2023 ZDF / 3sat Camera (pro rata) Editing Motion Design Infographics

New York, the city of tomorrow - Manhattan's plan for the future

2019 ZDF 43 min Camera (pro rata) Editing Color -Grading

New York - cosmopolitan city of art

2019 arte / NDR 52 min Camera (pro rata) Editing

Shots fired in St. Peter's Square - Who wanted to assassinate the Pope?

2015 arte / ZDF / ZDFinfo 52 min cut